About us

We’re a husband and wife team who love travelling and love to eat.



The first time I tasted something resembling authentic Japanese food was in the Autumn of 2001, it was my first year at university and Wagamama had just opened a branch in Camden where I was working at the time.  They had kai sen udon on the menu and the combination of thick chewy noodles, fish cakes and assorted seafood was more than enough to grab my attention.  Later that year a Japanese friend on my course made me some onigiri for lunch one day, a few weeks after that another girl made me a dish of nikujaga as a thank you for a favour (food is still the best way to thank me) and I was hooked.  Almost fifteen years and many visits to Japan later, I’m still in love with the food and discovering new things about it; unexpected combinations, new exciting ingredients, and a sense of balance, seasonality and harmony to dishes which seems missing from so many other cuisines.



2007 was the year we made our first trip to Japan- we visited all the standard tourist spots of Tokyo and Kyoto in the cold and bleak month of March. Before this visit I’d had a long-standing love of Japanese pop culture, and only knew a little about the food there, but whilst we were on our holiday my eyes were opened to the wide range of different cooking styles and flavours, as well as the fascinating depth of traditional Japanese culture. From cookbooks by Harumi Kurihara to David Chang, shojin ryori to modern Japanese baking, plus visiting all sorts of local neighbourhood restaurants on our visits back to Japan, we started to teach ourselves more about how to cook Japanese food at home- this blog is a love letter to all our favourite things to eat.



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